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Make use of a free registration and be able to save your results in our online database. This way you can always access your formerly generated charts anytime from anywhere and you can also export your visual output in hires image formats. Additionally data sheet export of charts is possible from any current view directly to Excel and various other tabular formats.
Conditions of Use
SIMon-Data (German System of Social Indicators; European System of Social Indicators) may be used without further restrictions for non-profit purposes only. Commercial usage of SIMon-Data is in any case subject to a special agreement with GESIS.

SIMon users are allowed to access and download the data in the format of tables and charts and to export them for further usage in terms of publications, presentations etc. subject to the correct citation of SIMon as the source of the data. The reference to SIMon is obligatory and is requested to be made in the following format:

Source: GESIS – Social Indicators Monitor (SIMon)

GESIS does not assume any liability for the data provided by SIMon. Liability claims due to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or disuse of the provided information and / or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information are generally excluded. All offers are without engagement and subject to confirmation. GESIS reserves the right to modify, amend or delete respective data without further notice.

GESIS is the owner of the copyright of the data provided by SIMon, except for data taken directly from external sources. The copyright for data taken directly from external sources remains with the respective data producers.

For more information on the terms of use of GESIS webservices see the “Imprint” at GESIS-website.
Terms of privacy
SIMon users agree that the following information will be stored in a protocol file:

- Registration data (name, username, email, password)
- ID-no. of indicators addressed
- Disaggregation of indicators addressed
- Timestamp of chart generation

Recorded data will be used for statistical (analysis of usage) and technical purposes only. No information is shared with any third party.

For more information on the terms of privacy concerning GESIS webservices see the “Imprint” at GESIS-website.